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This book bested hundreds of other books for this national independent publisher’s award.

Benjamin Franklin Silver Award

Foreword Magazine gave this book its highest honor.

Foreword Magazine “Book of the Year” Award Finalist

“Retro illustrations and energetic writing make for a great bedtime story book. Bright content and skillfully crafted words make this a delightful story to read aloud as well as to listen to. Hilarious Jimmy Jonny is sure to bring a smile to any child’s, or parent’s, face, as we can all identify with not wanting to go to bed on time. Never saying, ‘Kids should go to bed early,’ Puddlepot lets children discover on their own that all-nighters aren’t quite what they’re made out to be.”

Catherine Ryan, Independent Publisher

“What a wonderful way to combat those ‘I don’t want to go to bed’ noises every parent hears when bedtime nears! This book explores the consequences of not going to bed in a creative and very amusing way that captures the attention of children–and those adults who are young at heart! The story and the illustrations combine to create a bedtime adventure to enjoy with your child.”

Rachel R. – Five Stars

Selected to be reprinted in a special once-a-year Kids section of The Baltimore Sun.

Reprinted by The Baltimore Sun

“Beautifully enhanced with the lively artwork of Sherwin Schwartzrock, Bing Puddlepot’s Jimmy Jonny Brownie Stays Up All Night is a unique, entertaining, and highly recommended picture book…”

Midwest Book Review, Children’s Bookwatch

“I have had this book for awhile now and it has been really fun to read recently with my two small children during our ‘Three books before bedtime’ daily ritual. They are getting to the point where it is difficult for them to go to sleep and Jimmy Jonny has initiated some wonderful conversations about the things we do and what can happen afterwards. A well written, well illustrated delight!”

Dan M. – Five Stars

“…Words and pictures work together with great success in Minnetonka writer Bing Puddlepot’s and illustrator Sherwin G. Schwartzrock’s Jimmy Jonny Brownie Stays Up All Night… It’s a simply presented, delightful little story that is straightforward and funny with nice characterizations.  And the illustrations are a special delight.”

L.K. Hanson, Minneapolis StarTribune

“This book shows what happens when a little boy is allowed to stay up all night on his own. He thinks he is having the time of his life….until…the next day.”

Jill G. – Five Stars

“Who doesn’t know a kid who comes alive when the rest of the world is turning out the lights? Little Jimmy Jonny Brownie is darling… and his adventures are not only fun to read, they are fun for kids to learn from. A great book by a terrific writer and terrific illustrator. A+.”

Tracy W. – Five Stars

“You feel like this is one of the classics you had in your library when you were a kid… It’s a wonderful, beautiful book.”

Good Day Minnesota, KMSP-TV

“The best review of this book comes from my grandchildren who insist I read this with them every time they overnight with Nana and Boppy and are all freshly tubbied and jammied up. Theyu love this book time and time again. It’s humor remains fresh and fun and I hope Big Puddlepot (what kid doesn’t love that name!) add to the Jimmy Johnny Brownie saga with more hilarious episodes. Buy it now … you will be glad you did.”

Geoff B. – Five Stars